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ALP Nishikawa co.Ltd


ALP Nishikawa Co. Ltd. Company started its operations as Anand Nishikawa Co Ltd (also popularly known as ANCO) and is a joint venture of ALP and Nishikawa Rubber Company of Japan. This company specializes in extruded solid, profiles and hollow EPDM products in India. The unsurpassed quality standard achieved by ALP group has enabled it to gain an unrivalled depth of knowledge and also to establish matchless reputations for quality and services. Its consistently high standards of services enable it to assist with any kind of technical or logistical challenges that you may face.

The company is a leader amongst many suppliers that are into offering similar genre of services. They have developed various EPDM formulations and technologies in polymer engineering and are always trying to evolve to develop better products with the help of constant research. The company’s dedication; coupled with quality services has enabled it to carve a niche in the industry. Within a short span of time it has achieved a lot. For that reason it caters to almost all automobile manufacturers, coach builders and general engineering industry with the variety of EPDM extruded profiles. The company can deliver as per customized orders of its clients. Therefore extruding solid or sponge profiles from 1 mm solid to gaskets to multi-chambered profiles, sheets, strips and custom extrusions is possible. Alps group’s clients range from not only small independent merchants, rather well established national multiples. Owing to its competencies it is able to deliver the best services. It constantly takes up new challenges and then raises the bar to compete with the standards that it has already achieved. Therefore there is a constant struggle to deliver the best.


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