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Aerocell – Alu Foil

Everseal Pipe Insulating Cork Tape



  • Everseal Insulation Tape is specially designed for all types of climate. It insulates cold pipes for all kinds of air homes, freezers and refigurators.
  • Helps Stop Condensation problems. Ideal for retarding heat gain in cold pipes and preventing heat loss in hot pipes.
  • Everseal Insulation Tape is an effective sound dampening material, and it can also be used for gasketing purposes.
  • Everseal Insulation Tape sticks to all kinds of dry metals. It seals tightly without drying. It is flexible and does not shrink not melt with in the service temperature of -20 F(-29 C) to +200 F (+93 C)


Standard Size
  • 1/8′ thick, 2″ wide and 30′ long per roll (3mm. X 50mm. X 9.1m.)+-3%

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