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Alutape self-Adhesive Aluminium Foil Tape



  • Alutape is a specially formulated solvent base pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive foil tape. Excellent for use as vapor sealing of fiberglass ductboards and sheet metal ducts. Ideal for use as masking material or for sealing purposes on any dry clean surfaces.


  • Aluminium Foil Thickness :35 microns
  • Acrylic Adhesive Thickness :35 microns
  • Silicon Coated Paper Thickness :80microns
  • Adhesive Strength :800-1000gm/1
  • Tensile Strength :6-9kgs/mm
  • elongation : 5%
  • width :Availabel in 2″ 2-1/2,”3″ and other sizes
  • Length :Standard in 50 and 33 yards on 3 inches core

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