ALP EPDM Tope's an EPDM-based self-adhesive tape, specially made for adhering joints of elastomeric closed cell rubber insulation tubes and sheets.ALP EPDM Tape provides extra holding strength to the joints and serves as a vapour barrier to prevent atmospheric moisture to penetrate through the seams. It is flexible, easy to wrap or patch tightly on the insulation surfaces

Specifications Units Test Results Remark
Material     EPDM rubber
Color     Black
Thickness mm 0.6 ±0.1 mm
Adhesion Peel Strength kg/25mm >0.4 Speed 20 mm/min ASTM D 3330
Tensile Strength N/mm2 >2.5 Speed 50 mm/min JIS K6301
Elongation % >50 Speed 50 mm/min JIS K6301
Holding Power hr >3 ASTM D 3654
Initial Tack cm <1.5 ASTM D 3121
Adhesive Type     Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive