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Accofoam is a thermo-acoustic convoluted elastomeric Nitrile rubber foam material scientifically developed to provide superior sound absorption in the low and mid frequency range. The convoluted shape increases the absorptive surface area than a flat surface giving superior acoustical performance


  • Industry: Acoustic Lining of ducts, Air Handling Units, Acoustic Panels, Speaker box acoustic lining, Enclosures and canopy of factory machinery, fans, generators, engines and compressors.
  • Transport: Engine enclosures in vehicles and vessels, bus body – anti damping, Operator’s cabin.
  • Health Care: Audio-metric room, generator enclosure, Air-conditioning and ventilation ducts.
  • Commercial Buildings: Auditoriums, wall acoustic, Multiplexes, Recording room, studios, Cinema halls, Office Partitions, Discotheque, Home theater, Air-conditioning ducts and ventilation systems.


  • ACCOFOAM is a great choice where a fire safe, flexible, light weight, high performance noise absorption material is required. Antimicrobial range is also available.
  • ACCOFOAM is an excellent internal lining material of circular ducts for providing both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Technical Data

Temperature Range -40°C to + 120°C
Fire Safety Class “O”
Thermal Cunductivity K=0.037 W/m.K
Colour Black
Density 50 Kg/M³ ± 15%
Antifungal ASTM G21
Antibacteria ASTM 2180

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