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  • Accosound is a blended elastromeric nitrile rubber acoustic absorber having open cell structure with complex pore geometry for effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad range of frequencies.
  • The high density provides an effective barrier to sound transmission.
  • The elastic properties helps to dampen the structure-borne noise transmission.
  • It provides superior sound absorption in mid and a high range frequency.


  • Effective noise control and thermal insulation Dust and Fiber Free
  • Resistant to Mineral Oil, Organic Solvents and Dilute Inorganic Acids & Bases.


  • Acoustic lining of duct.
  • Acoustic lining of AHU room/fan room
  • Acoustic lining of Generator room / Generator Enclosures.
  • Engine enclosures  in vehicles / bus body.
  • Audio metric rooms / Studio Rooms.
  • Auditoriums / Multiplexes recording studios / Discotheques.

Technical Data

1.0     Insulation Material     Open Cell Elastomeric Nitrile Rubber foam
2.0 Density (Kg/M3) 200 ± 10% ASTMD 1056
3.0 Thermal Conductivity 0.049 W/mK at 20°C ASTM C 518
4.0 Service Temperature -20°C to 85°C
5.0 Tensile Strength Min 100 Kpa ISO 1798
6.0 Elongation (%) Min 80% ISO 1798
7.0 Fire Rating – Surface flame spread Class 1 BS476 Part 7
8.0 Fire Rating – Rate of Burning HBF, HF1 UL -94 1996
9.0 Air Erosion Resistance Test Pass ASTM C 1071-05
10.0 Fungi Resistance & BacterialResistance No Growth ASTM G21 &ASTM G 2180

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