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AEROSTICK is a Modified Neoprene Contact Adhesive specially formulated for bonding Aeroflex Insulating Materials firmly together. Also, ideal for use with other materials like Metal (painted/unpainted), Cork Board, Polyurethane Foam Rigid PVC Sheet, Formica, and melamine Board and Rubber Sheet. The high water vapor resistance and good weathering properties of AEROSTICK can prevent water or moisture from penetrating through the joining points. AEROSTICK is able to form a strong, firm and permanent bonding between the applied materials providing long lasting service.


  • Surfaces of materials to apply should be dry,clean and free from dust,grit, oil,grease or anyother loose materials.

  • Stir AEROSTICK well before applying a thin andeven coat of AEROSTICK onto both joining surfaces by using a short hair brush, spreader ormetalblade.

  • Allow solvents contents of AEROSTICK to evaporate until the adhesive becomes dry to touch,but tacky, before joining the materials togethernormally open timeis5-30minutes.

  • Bonding is possible within 2 minutes after application if used on absorbent or permeable materials such as,cork board and chipboard etc. If applied on non-absorbent or non­ permeable materials like Aeroflex Insulation rubber or metal, a minimum of 5-20 minutes should be allowed to elapse before the surfaces canbe bonded.

  • Press the surfaces to be bonded together

Health And Safety

  • Advisable to work in well ventilated areas to avoid inhalation of vapor from solvents.

  • The solvents contained in AEROSTICK are inflammable and subjected to legislation regulating their storage and use.

  • Keep away from fire,and materials which may cause fire such as paper cloth, plastic etc.AEROSTICK contents flammable liquid but dried material is an self-extinguish adhesive.

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