Aerocell Alu Foil

Product Description

Aerocell-ALU is a closed cell Nitrile rubber Elastomeric foam insulation with reinforced aluminum foil lamination that combines high µvalue, low thermal conductivity & mechanical protection. It ensures energy saving in eco-friendly manner with superior aesthetics. It is a perfect solution for insulating ducts, pipes, tanks & equipments


  • High water vapour diffusion resistance
  • Enhanced fire performance
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Easy to apply
  • Durable & erosion-resistant
  • FM Approved


  • Insulation to prevent condensation, reduce energy losses and protection against mechanical damage on HVAC ducts/ pipes and also used in clean room application such as the pharmaceutical industries.


Aerocell-ALU can be used together with ALP Aeroflex adhesives (Aerostick) for a complete insulation system.

Product Range

Available in plain and self-adhesive rolls (sheets) in 6, 9, 13, 16, 19, 25, 32 mm thickness of 1000, 1200 mm wide rolls.

Technical Details

Thermal Insulation Material Closed Cell Elastomeric Nitrile Rubber Foam  
Laminate Reinforced Aluminum foil  
Thermal conductivity (k value) ≥0.035 w/m°K at 10°C; ≥0.036 w/m°K at 20°C ≥0.037 w/m°K at 30°C; ≥0.038 w/m°K at 40°C ASTM C 518
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor (µ) ≥12000 ASTM E-96
Density (Kg/m 3) 40 to 60 ASTM-D-1056
Service Temperature -40°C to 105°C  
Fire & Smoke Characteristics    
A) Fire performance acc. to building regulation Class 0 BS 476 Part 6
B) Surface Flame Spread Class 1 BS 476 Part 7 : 1997
C) Fire Propagation Total Index (I) <12 & Sub index (II) <6 BS 476 Part 6 : 1989
D) Rate of Burning (Vertical Position) Class V-0 UL 94-1997
E) Practical Fire Behaviour Self-Extinguishing, does not drip, does not spread flames ASTM D635
Ozone depleting substances (CFC/ HCFC) Not detected, No Asbestos GC-MS
FM Approval   Approved